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The Prevalence of Magnesium Deficiency

In today’s ever-polluted world getting the right levels of magnesium through food is a challenge many of us can’t achieve. Why? Soils with depleted natural magnesium, GMOs and chemicals in our food and poor diets.

Even those taking multivitamins and below-average Magnesium supplements may not be absorbing the necessary nutrients. Aging also contributes to a decrease in mineral absorption, adding to the likelihood of a deficiency.

The Magnesium Intracell Difference

Our formula has one of the highest degrees of purity available in today’s marketplace. Extracted from the the unpolluted waters of the Swiss Apps, Magnesium Intracell is a cut above the alternatives.


The ideal concentration of micronutrients to provide strongest protection of the heart and brain.

Folic Acid

Vitamin B12 combines with folic acid for healthy and consistent levels of homocysteine.

Amino Acid Taurine

Amino acid Taurine increases the power of magnesium for reversal of hypertension, coronary disease and support of brain health.

Why the Right Level of Magnesium Matters

Magnesium can be linked to over 400 body reactions, and a deficiency may cause many problems, including:

Brittle bones




In fact, Magnesium is widely considered to be the most important mineral for the heart, brain function, and bone conservation and supports energy levels, bone strength and mood.

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