Your Superhero In A Bottle

More Than Just A Multivitamin

Selenium+Spirulina is formulated to do more for you than the average multivitamin. With a powerful combination containing 200 mcg of selenium plus 350 mg of Spirulina, you get a super-nutritional alliance that acts as a protector of the immune system and so much more.

Your daily dose of Selenium+Spirulina can:

Increase metabolism

Reduce risk of heart disease

Fight asthma

Prevent prostate cancer

Improve hair growth and nails

Increase fertility

Reduce oiliness and acne

Prevent degenerative eye conditions

Fight Free Radicals With Selenium

Cultivated in the United States, without algal toxins, pesticides, herbicides or preservatives and low in heavy metals. No GMO and 100% vegetarian.

Did you know that Selenium can actually block free radicals that attack the immune system to accelerate cell aging? Our unique formula of Selenium promotes cell oxygenation which, in turn, blocks the formation of damaging free radicals. The regular consumption of selenium may also;

  • Protect the integrity of spermatozoa
  • Protect the functioning of the thyroid;
  • Help with fertility issues.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

Tap Into The Power of The Seas With Spirulina

100% natural and organic | Contains more beta carotene, iron, vitamin B12 and gamma-linolenic acid than any other food | Contains equal amount of vitamin E as wheat | Contains the same quantity of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as milk.

Our Spirulina algae is organically-farmed to remove the presence of heavy metals and other pollutants.Spirulina has been named a superfood and for good reason, it:

  • Is twice as rich in protein as soy.
  • Is rich in vitamin B (B3, B5, B6 and B12).
  • Contains a powerful mixture of antioxidants and essential fatty acids including Omega 3


Spirulina is both low in sugar and rich in amino acids, making it ideal for weight loss. While simultaneously preserving overall health.

Add the Dual Power of Selenium+Spirulina For Better Health

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