Maximum Savage T-Booster


…Maximum male power
…Maximum vitality, energy, vigor, and libido

And in women, muscle mass and toning

Yes to everything, with Maximum Savage!

Maximum Savage is a premium product focusing on hormone regulation. Mainly the hormone T (in men) and estrogens (in women). 

Recommended for men over 40 who want to…
 Improve their concentration, productivity, and energy
 Naturally increase their dynamism, power, and libido
 Protect and care for their prostates
 Have greater determination and performance, regardless of age
 Tone muscles and improve muscle mass

This is not just a product for men! Ideal for women* looking to… 

 Tone their muscles and improve muscle mass
 Alleviate symptoms of PMS
 Decrease menstrual cramps

With Maximum Savage, 40 is the new 20. It is the supplement for MAXIMUM VITALITY

Comprised of 100% organic ingredients with IMPRESSIVE EFFICACY  

Maximum Savage shows results within days of starting to take it regularly 

More Energy and Concentration

Maximum Savage features a long list of essential nutrients for improving energy levels, brain function, and concentration. Among them: 

 Zinc, which stimulates neuronal function. ¹
 Selenium, which helps prevent accelerated aging. It is a powerful antioxidant.²
 Boron, a micronutrient that helps protect neuronal connections.³

Improves Muscle Mass

Those who take Maximum Savage regularly have reported better levels of muscle mass and toning.

Even improved athletic performance and rapid recovery. 

This is achieved thanks to its powerful ingredients—among them, fenugreek, an herb recommended for athletes.  

 Boosts physical performance
 Improves strength and muscle resistance
 Has been scientifically proven to increase muscle mass⁴

Improved Male Vigor and Potency

The components in Maximum Savage act in conjunction to naturally increase levels of T in men.

Remember, in men, the hormone T tends to decline with age. 

The consequences? Low libido, difficulty maintaining an erection, increased body fat (and less muscle mass), and fatigue, among many others. ⁵

This almost always happens unless you opt for a diet that stimulates testosterone production.

Prostate Health

Through its natural components, Maximum Savage also helps protect the prostate. This male organ is prone to developing malignant diseases.

Especially the zinc in Maximum Savage’s formulation acts as a top-of-the-line protector. It is a crucial nutrient for preventing prostate disorders. ⁶

This is a Key Fact You Should Know…

Sex hormones, among them the male hormone T and estrogens, are essential for various functions in the body.

However, these levels become irregular over the years.

In women, this can manifest as very severe symptoms of PMS.

In men, a significant decrease in muscle mass is very common, as well as the loss of libido and vigor.

But with Maximum Savage, it’s possible to maintain healthy hormone levels.

The results have an impact on a general level: A sense of well-being. Vitality. Full energy for daily life. 

Here are some signs to check…

▢ Over 40?
▢ Low energy levels? 
▢ Not feeling the same vitality as before?
▢ Lack of desire in the bedroom?
▢ Less muscle mass in your arms, back, and legs?
▢ More exhausted than usual by the end of the day?
▢ Have diseases like diabetes and heart disease come on with age?

Maximum Savage is the answer to all of these questions!

Thanks to 100% organic and chemical-free ingredients

Fenugreek Extract 
A powerful antioxidant that helps regulate blood sugar levels due to its high phosphorous content. In female athletes, it helps tone muscles and improve athletic performance.

Tribulus terrestris
This tiny plant has been incorporated into traditional medicine because it helps with libido. Additionally, it reduces urinary tract inflammation and consequently decreases the risk of infections. 

Vitex agnus Extract
This plant can decrease the likelihood of male pattern baldness. It reduces benign prostatic hyperplasia, which causes discomfort with urination. 

Diindolylmethane (DIM)
This compound helps regulate estrogens in men and women. And it can help prevent the growth of malignant tumors. 

Mucuna pruriens Extract
Consuming this natural antioxidant contributes to the development of muscle mass—much needed for maintaining vitality beyond 40. 

Rosemary Extract
It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. 

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