Zimax Prenatal is an advanced all natural formula developed from extracts of leaves, seeds and spices. Used by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times it includes exceptional vitamins recommended for a healthy pregnancy and after birth care.

  • Nanotechnology synthesized formula, based on turmeric, olive leaf, ginger root and grape seed extract
  • 100% natural Vitamin D3 and folic acid
  • One portion equals one tablespoon (3 g)
  • Contains 30 portions
  • Zimax Prenatal is a fit complement for nutrition and immune system shielding during and post pregnancy


It helps relieve inflammation, correct intestinal transit and as a palliative for nausea during the first trimester.

Antioxidant effect

The natural ingredients of Zimax are considered one of the best antioxidants available in nature.

Due to its low bioavailability, turmeric, ginger, olive leaf and grape seeds are not absorbed in large quantities by your body.

The Zimax formula however is produced with nanotechnology, and presented as an extra fine and soluble powder, allowing the wide absorption of high concentrated doses of these antioxidants.

Zimax accelerates the oxygenation of the body's cells, increasing their activity time, attacking free radicals and helping the immune system.

Taking Zimax can help with:

    • Improve blood circulation
    • Oxygenate every cell in the body
    • Metabolize lipids and carbohydrates
    • Treat fatty liver
    • The prevention of chronic diseases
    • The control of sugar metabolism
    • Preservation of pancreas B cells.
    • Energy conservation and vitality
    • Pain, coldness, tingling and localized burning sensation caused by diabetic neuropathy.


Zimax® Antiaging Proprietary Blend 300 mg. Turmeric Root Extract 95% Curcumin, Olive Leaf Extract 10:1, and Grape Seed Extract 95%. OPC (Oligomeric Procyanidins) & Ginger Root Extract 10:1

Other ingredients: Phosphatidylcholine, citric acid, natural citrus flavor, stevia, inulin fiber and silica.




Being frequently associated with medicinal plants due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has also proven effective in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions.

During pregnancy, the properties of turmeric facilitate the process of digestion through the release of bile, relieve flatulence and colic, and prevent the common cold.

According to the Department of Plant Science and the BIO5 Institute of the University of Arizona, the turmeric compound, known as curcuminoids of thediarylheptanoid group, helps our body's anti-inflammatory response.


Olive Leaf

The Alternative Medicine Review has exposed the effectiveness of olive leaf when used as an anti-hypertensive, to control sugar levels, as an antioxidant, and to fight viral or bacterial infections, including the common cold or the flu.



According to the World Health Organization, the consumption of ginger is highly recommended to avoid nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy

Weight Loss

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract has proven useful for the treatment of heart disease and the prevention of chronic diseases.


How to use Zimax Pre & Post natal

  • Consume as a dietary complement.
  • Take 1 scoop with 4 to 6 oz of water daily or as directed by the practitioner.
  • Product designed to be consumed by healthy individuals over the age of 18.
  • Keep out of reach of children, and store in a cool and dry place.

Frequently asked questions

What is nanotechnology?

It’s the technological capacity to reduce the size of a microscopic particle to a smaller microscopic size. A technique that was not available until a few years ago.


The body absorbs these tiny particles in large quantities thus achieving maximum benefit.

How does it work?

Liposomes are nano phospholipid capsules that carry within the phenols and polyphenols scientifically linked to disease prevention, ready to be released into each cell of the body.

Its content and size allows the patented Zimax formula to cross the natural barriers until they reach the human energy source: the mitochondria.

How does Zimax help my body?

Zimax collaborates with blood circulation, oxygenation of body cells and metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates.

Is it enough to just consume Zimax?

No. Zimax is a complement that complements a life in transition. To get the best results, you need to adjust your daily habits.


A healthy diet and regular physical activity are essential.

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