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Paleomega Fish Oil - Omega

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- Paleomega Fish Oil - Omega

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A premium supplement from Paleolife that guarantees the consumption of healthy fatty acids, vitamins and soluble minerals that help protect the heart and nervous system.


  • Contains the main Omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA.

  • Promotes concentration and improves the functions of the nervous system.

  • It is a complement to cardiovascular health.

  • Collaborates in the prevention of degenerative diseases.

  • Made with high quality raw material: trout from clean waters inland from Denmark.

  • Unlike commercial supplements, processing is minimal and fresh trout retains all of its nutrients.

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For people 16 years and older who want to strengthen concentration and improve nervous system functions, take one (1) capsule daily half an hour before lunch, or directly with a meal.

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Heart Health

Paleomega Fish Oil helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Sufficient daily intake of essential fatty acids, especially DHA, dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease. It also lowers triglycerides and blood pressure.

Brain Health

A diet rich in essential fatty acids improves learning, concentration and memory in adults. In addition, it helps to reduce cognitive decline.

Eye Health

Fatty acids have been shown to help keep the eyes hydrated. In fact, DHA and EPA fatty acids are found in high amounts in the retina.

An adequate supply of them could help prevent diseases such as dry eye or macular degeneration.

Many more health benefits

As added benefits, it helps protect and nourish the skin. It also reduces inflammation and muscle pain.

In turn, Omega-3 fatty acids are a supplement that strengthens the immune system and helps prevent degenerative diseases.,

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Paleolife quality Omega-3 fish oil

Commercial fish oil supplements are manufactured at low cost, with fish remnants stored for up to 12 months. The final product loses many of its original properties.

Paleolife's Paleomega Fish Oil comes from certified freshwater Danish trout. The fish are transported alive to the factory where they are processed immediately and fresh. They then go through a process of certification of Omega-3 fatty acid content.

High DHA content

Paleomega Fish Oil contains 120 mg of Omega-3 DHA. DHA may reduce the risk of heart disease. 

It fights inflammation and can improve autoimmune conditions such as arthritis. It also helps muscle recovery. Promotes eye health.

High EPA content

Paleomega Fish Oil contains 180 mg of Omega-3 EPA, which helps lower triglyceride levels and lower blood pressure. Combined with DHA, it is a potent cardiovascular protector.

EPA has also been associated with reduction in symptoms of depression and with an increase in muscle mass index.

How to use hide-btn

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: One (1) Paleomega Fish Oil soft gel daily.

HOW TO USE: Consume half an hour before lunch or directly with any of the meals.

PREFERRED CONSUMPTION: 3 years after the date of manufacture.

Frequent Asked Questionshide-btn

What is Paleomega Fish Oil?

Paleomega Fish Oil is the premium Paleolife supplement that contains the right amount of fatty acids for a balanced diet. Essential for cardiovascular health and nervous system functions.

It is a supplement to the diet usually lacking in Omega-3. It contains 300 mg of these essential fatty acids, with a certified smart DHA/EPA ratio.

Is Paleomega Fish Oil safe for consumption?

Paleomega Fish Oil is analyzed and controlled according to the highest quality standards for marine fats and oils. The Paleolife seal indicates that it is a safe and high-quality product for consumers.

Paleomega Fish Oil is of 100% natural origin, without the use of solvents, preservatives or other chemicals.

What are its ingredients? What is the nutritional information of Paleomega Fish Oil?

Paleomega Fish Oil is a complete fish oil, an ideal supplement for food. Each soft gel contains 1000 mg, of which 300 mg are healthy Omega-3 fatty acids in an 18/12 EPA/DHA ratio.

Its equivalent in DHA is 120 mg. Its equivalent in EPA is 180 mg.

Paleomega Fish Oil contains multiple other nutrients that come from natural Danish trout.

What is the difference between consuming Paleomega Fish Oil versus commercial Omega-3 supplements?

Regular Omega-3 supplements follow a low-cost industrialization process in which the remnants of different types of fish (heads and tail) are stored frozen for months before processing. In some cases, there is no guarantee on the origin of these animals, and may contain heavy metals, dioxins and other contaminants. 

Paleomega Fish Oil is a premium supplement of the highest standard. Extracted from Danish freshwater rainbow trout, in aquaculture farms certified in social responsibility, sustainability and environmental protection.

The fish come from clean waters inland from Denmark. Water is pumped from the ground and continuously recirculated. Contaminant levels are nonexistent.

The fish are then transported alive to the processing plant, no more than 50 km away, to ensure a low carbon footprint. Upon arrival, they are processed immediately, which helps naturally retain their content in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

In addition to this, the final Paleolife product is reviewed and evaluated before being placed on the market. This way we guarantee its safety for consumption and its contribution of nutrients.

How does Paleomega Fish Oil help my body?

Paleomega Fish Oil's DHA and EPA oils have a complementary effect validated through thousands of scientific studies. The most recognized benefit is cardiovascular health. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks. It helps control triglycerides and has anti-inflammatory effect.

The benefits of EPA and DHA on cognitive development and brain health have also been extensively researched.

Experts recommend the consumption of Omega-3 acids in amounts of 1000 mg per day or more, which can be found mainly in fish and foods such as flaxseed. Unfortunately, this daily intake is not complete in your average nutrition.

From what age is it recommended?

Its consumption is recommended from the age of 16.

When do you see the results?

Consider Paleomega Fish Oil as a supplement to your regular diet, with results for your health from the first day.

In certain cases, nutrition experts and doctors have recommended Paleomega as an adjuvant to reduce joint ailments, in addition to Zimax®. In these cases, the time of improvement depends on the patient, with results at least two weeks after starting treatment.

Where is Paleomega Fish Oil produced? Does it comply with FDA health protocols?

Paleomega Fish Oil initially passes through a processing plant located less than 50 km from aquaculture farms in Denmark, as the fish is transported alive to ensure maximum nutrient input. The process follows a high standard of quality, certified at its site of origin.

The product is then sent to Paleolife Laboratories USA for a second quality evaluation and final packaging. Here, the laboratories are FDA certified. The evaluation of the product is extremely strict and meets the health standards of that organization.

Are rest intervals recommended, or can it be consumed uninterruptedly?

No rest intervals are necessary, Paleomega Fish Oil can be consumed uninterruptedly.

Is Paleomega Fish Oil's raw material certified?

The raw material we use is of certified quality, not only in Denmark, but also upon entry into the United States. 

If it does not pass the certification controls when entering the United States, we do not admit it into our production chain, even if it has a certification from its country of origin.

Yes, we are strict every step of the way.

Why can't I find Paleomega Fish Oil in stores?

To provide the best possible price for a superior quality product, we made the strategic decision to avoid the middleman and thus be able to sell directly to the public. That fact has brought significant savings to our customers.

Paleomega Fish Oil is found in select stores in Florida, United States and directly in our official store in South Florida.

Our intention was to ensure that a truly premium product is as affordable as possible and that its price is not increased by intermediaries. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money. 

We understand that there are cheaper (and even more expensive) products on the market, but we do not believe that they comply with all these control and quality processes mentioned above, as we know the costs involved in each step.

How many times should I take Paleomega Fish Oil? How many services does the package have?

Paleomega Fish Oil should be taken once a day, one capsule, half an hour before lunch or lunch, or during.

Each pack comes with 60 soft gels, approximately two months of daily consumption.

How is Paleomega Fish Oil taken? What does it taste like?

Paleomega Fish Oil comes in soft gels. Being a supplement to food, it is recommended to take it half an hour before the main meal or during consumption.

Our supplement has no flavor whatsoever. However, you may feel an aftertaste. To avoid this, we recommend consuming it in the most abundant meal of the day, such as lunch or dinner.

What are the contraindications?
  • Do not consume if you are allergic to fish or nuts.
  • Avoid if you are prone to bleeding.
  • It should not be consumed by persons under the age of 18.
  • Do not consume in case of pregnancy or lactation.
Is it enough just to consume Paleomega Fish Oil?

Paleomega Fish Oil is a supplement that accompanies a healthy life. 

For best results, you need to adjust your day-to-day habits. 

It is essential to eat properly and perform regular physical activity.

Does Paleomega Fish Oil contain gluten/soy/sugar/calories? Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Paleomega Fish Oil is:

  • Soy free
  • Gluten free.
  • Not carbonated.
  • Nut free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • No trans fats. 
  • Lactose free.
  • 100% natural.
  • No sugar.

Each capsule has 10 calories.

As for vegans and vegetarians, being a fish-based supplement, it is suitable only for the less strict or pescatarians.

Who was Paleomega Fish Oil designed for?

It was designed for adults looking for a healthier diet.

These people are aware that in the current diet it is almost impossible to obtain the daily intake of Omega-3 recommended by experts.

Does Paleomega Fish Oil have any kind of warranty?

We are 100% sure of our product. But if you're not satisfied, we won't be satisfied and we don't expect you to pay. That is our commitment and your guarantee. 

This is 100% Paleolife. 

You have 30 calendar days to make your return if you think it is convenient.


Do not consume if you suffer from allergy to fish or dried fruits.
People prone to bleeding and diabetics should consult their doctor, as omega-3s inhibit clotting and can increase blood glucose concentration.
Do not consume in case of pregnancy or lactation.

Possible side effects

Strange taste in the mouth, occasional diarrhea, belching after meals.
Discomfort in the abdominal area.
Eventual nosebleeds, of rapid remission.
Headaches and nausea.

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