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Collagen P18

- Collagen P18

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The only 100% pure collagen formula, developed by Paleolife. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, powdered, with a powerful combination of 18 amino acids.


  • Master aid for elastic, hydrated and luminous skin.

  • Contributes against the appearance of wrinkles, spots and expression lines.

  • Provides nutrients that strengthen nails and hair.

  • Perfect ally to increase muscle mass and lean mass.

  • Strengthens bones. Helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

  • Protects the heart and provides digestive benefits.

  • Flavourless, easily combinable.

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Collagen P18 was designed for anyone from the age of 25 who wants to maintain adequate levels of this indispensable protein, and the benefits that this entails.

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Firm, soft and hydrated skin

Helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines. It helps eliminate dark circles and "holes" in the eyes. Prevents and fights stretch marks.

Thick, shiny and free flowing hair

Collagen P18 contributes to a deep hydration of the hair and stimulates its rapid and healthy growth. Helps eliminate frizz and split ends.

Healthy and strong bones

Our 100% pure collagen improves bone density, protects cartilage and helps relieve pain.

Improves digestion

Paleolife collagen stimulates nutrient absorption, improves the immune system (80% of which is found in the gut), helps control chronic inflammation and reduces gastric reflux.

Optimal circulation

Improves the transport of nutrients through the blood. It helps lower cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. 

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100% pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides

Collagen P18 from Paleolife is the only supplement on the market that has only and absolutely collagen. It is not the same to contain collagen than to be pure collagen. This differentiates us and makes us unique.

A supplement with collagen type I and III. Of the nearly 25 types of collagens that exist, these have greater reach compared to any other.

Our collagen comes from the best cattle breed, Holstein cattle which are fed with organic grass without pesticides, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and antioxidant vitamin E.

18 Broad Impact Amino Acids

Amino acids are the real magic of good collagen, but we never hear about them. These building blocks act on specific parts of the body, from muscles to nails.

Collagen P18 has 18 amino acids, in nutritional amounts scientifically measured to give results. By combining them, they form the indispensable protein, collagen, responsible for creating and maintaining the structures of the body.

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RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: One (1) tablespoon of Collagen P18, once or twice daily.

DIRECTIONS: Dilute the recommended dose in the drink of your choice and stir vigorously. It can be taken at any time of the day and with any type of drink, cold or hot. We ensure that our pure collagen will not lose its properties. 

PREFERRED CONSUMPTION: 3 years after the date of manufacture.

Frequent Asked Questionshide-btn

What is Collagen P18?

Collagen P18 is a natural food supplement of hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I & III, with 18 amino acids.  100% pure product, only collagen.

●  Why "peptides"?  Peptides are the structures that make up collagen. They are much shorter than whole collagen, which guarantees an absorption of the supplement greater than 90%.

●  Why "hydrolyzed" collagen?  To obtain the peptides, hydrolysis is used. Hydrolysis uses the force of water to break down collagen. This reduces the molecular weight of collagen, making it more assimilable by the human body.

●  Why type I and III? There are more than 25 types of collagens. The ones we use are the most far-reaching and effective.

What about the 18 amino acids?  Amino acids are like pieces of Lego that serve to form buildings called proteins (collagen is one of them). Since there are different forms of collagen for each part of the body, our 18 amino acids guarantee a wide spectrum of action.

Is Collagen P18 safe for consumption?

Collagen P18:

●  It is manufactured in an FDA-regulated pharmaceutical institution.

●  It is obtained from Holstein cattle fed with organic grass without pesticides. These cows grow with exceptional nutrition that guarantees the high quality of our collagen.

●  We have more than 22 certifications in Paleolife, including Good Manufacturing Practices and certifications of origin.

All this ensures that our product is safe for consumption. There are only some contraindications in certain cases (see section on contraindications).

What are the ingredients? What is the nutritional information of Collagen P18?

Collagen P18 is pure collagen obtained from Holstein cattle.

It does not have any other type of ingredient or additive. It is 100% collagen.

What is the difference between consuming Collagen P18 versus other hydrolyzed collagen supplements?

Most brands of collagen supplements contain collagen. But it is not the same to "contain" collagen than to be pure collagen.

Our product does not have a portion of collagen nor does it have additives or additives: it is 100% pure collagen.

In addition, it is a high-quality collagen. Type I & III (wider impact) and with 18 amino acids, eight of which are essential amino acids.

Paleolife quality, with more than 20 certifications and quality seals.

How does Collagen P18 help my body?

Collagen has a sustaining function: it supports elastin, which prevents the skin from sinking.

Joints, bones, muscles, the appearance of skin, nails or hair depend heavily on this protein. Even blood vessels need collagen to function well.

 Collagen support effect:

Over the years, collagen loses its abundance in the body, which is first noticed in the nails and skin, and can then affect other parts of the body, including joints.

Supplementation slows the detrimental effects of collagen loss. Collagen P18 provides the necessary amounts daily.

Is it true that my wrinkles go away with collagen?

There is scientific evidence that collagen supplementation can reduce skin aging and wrinkles.

In 2021, scientists from Brazil's Centro Universitario Mineiros analyzed a group of 1225 participants (95% of them women), aged between 20 and 70. They found favorable results in wrinkle reduction, hydration and skin elasticity after at least 90 days of consumption of hydrolyzed collagen supplement.

What other benefits have people taking Collagen P18 gained?

Our testimonials of success are numerous and diverse. Most have seen a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin, hair and nails.

Meanwhile, some athletes have had a feeling of rapid muscle recovery.

In summary, Collagen P18:

•   Helps maintain elastic, hydrated and luminous skin

•   Prevents or reduces wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines

•   Strengthens nails and hair

•    Helps increase muscle mass

•   Strengthens bones and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis

•     Protects the heart and provides digestive benefits

From what age is it recommended?

Its consumption is recommended from the age of 25.

When do you see the results?

You can start seeing results in a range of one to three months. Everything will depend on your current conditions: age, lifestyle, exercise, diet, etc.

However, you must ensure regular and sufficient consumption (a daily intake of 10 grams). The best results are observed in its prolonged consumption over time, combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Where is Collagen P18 produced? Does it comply with FDA health protocols?

Collagen P18 is produced at an FDA-regulated pharmaceutical institution.

Additionally, we have 22 warranty certifications of all our products.

Are rest intervals recommended, or can it be consumed uninterruptedly?

No rest intervals are necessary, Collagen P18 can be consumed uninterruptedly.

Is the raw material of Collagen P18 certified?

The raw material we use is of certified quality, not only in the countries of origin, but also certified when it enters the country. If it does not pass certification controls upon entering the United States, we do not admit it into our production chain (even if it comes with a certificate from its home country).    

Yes, we are strict every step of the way.

Why can't I find Collagen P18 in stores?

To provide the best possible price for a superior quality product, we made the strategic decision to bypass the middleman and sell directly to the public.

Collagen P18 is only available in select stores in the United States (Florida) and directly from our Paleolife store in South Florida and online store. That fact has brought significant savings to our customers.

Our intention is to ensure that a truly premium product is as affordable as possible and that its price is not increased by intermediaries.

We understand that there are cheaper (and more expensive) products on the market, but we do not believe that they comply with all the control and quality processes that Paleolife rigorously carries out, since we know the costs involved in each step.

In addition, our supplements have been developed by expert formulators, leaders in their field. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.

How many times should I take Collagen P18? How long does the container last?

Collagen P18 should be taken at least once a day, and up to twice a day. Every day, at any time.

Each container lasts approximately 30 days of daily consumption.

How is Collagen P18 taken? What does it taste like?

Collagen P18 is a lightweight powder of 100% pure collagen that can be mixed with any beverage, hot or cold. Therefore, it can be added to milkshakes, smoothies, green juices, hot tea, among others.

Collagen P18 is pure, flavourless collagen.

What are the contraindications?

● It should not be taken by people under 18 years of age.

● Check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have a specific medical condition, or if you take prescription medications.

Please note that this product is produced in a facility where milk, egg, shellfish and crustaceans, nuts, wheat, peanuts, soybeans and sesame are handled.

Is it enough just to consume Collagen P18?

Collagen P18 is a supplement that accompanies a healthy life. For best results, you need to adjust your day-to-day habits. It is essential to eat properly and perform regular physical activity.

Does Collagen P18 contain gluten/soy/sugar/calories? Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Collagen P18 is:

  • Flavourless.
  • Sugar-free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Suitable for the paleo lifestyle.
  • Suitable for keto or ketogenic diet.
  • Gluten free.

It is a collagen of bovine origin; Therefore, not suitable for vegans.

Collagen P18 has a meager 50 calories per serving.

Who was Collagen P18 designed for?

It is estimated that collagen levels begin to fall from the age of 25, which can lead to the appearance of fine lines and spots. Over time, the lack of collagen can affect nails, hair, joints, ease of healing, etc.

That said, Collagen P18 was designed for anyone from the age of 25 who wants to maintain adequate levels of this indispensable protein, and the benefits that this entails.

Does Collagen P18 have any kind of guarantee?

We are 100% sure of our product. But if you're not satisfied, we won't be satisfied and we don't expect you to pay. That is our commitment and your guarantee.

This is 100% Paleolife.

You have 30 calendar days to make your return if you think it is necessary.


  • It should not be taken by people under 18.
  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have a specific medical condition, or if you take prescription medications.

Possible side effects

Please note that this product is produced in a facility where milk, egg, shellfish and crustaceans, nuts, wheat, peanuts, soybeans and sesame are handled.

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