Our History

Our History

Modernity has brought us innumerable benefits, that you are on our website reading information of your interest or curiosity, it is already one of them. Science has done the same with such spectacular advances as a transatlantic plane, or the existence of penicillin saving millions of people in the world.

Modernity has also increased concerns, time is not enough to do everything we want, economic freedoms have been reduced, the world convulses in the face of political crises that have passed from century to century, and there are even fewer fertile lands with good quality of nutrients for the demand of food.

In the middle of these two scenarios, we are each of us perhaps practicing unhealthy habits, such as eating out of hours, ingesting excesses of processed foods or chemical additives, little time spent exercising and especially saturated with information in the networks that take away peace in some way.

Paleo life becomes a calm option in the midst of this restless landscape. We as a community of professionals who support Paleolf have not been immune to everything that modernity delivers, so we make a decision, seek to live better, help others to do so, and influence a more natural life, away from so many processes chemicals that end up with side effects in the body.

We have a team of doctors, nutritionists, nutraceutical formulators from India, the United States and Germany, who have researched in nature what can be the best components for our products, thus guaranteeing protection, prevention or improvement, the symptoms of various ailments, our own of modern life and bad nutrition.

We are moved by a genuine interest in making Paleolf a great community of people who make the decision to live fully, respecting the body, environment and values ​​of coexistence; we are family people who want to see our children on a healthier planet, while that happens, we are commissioning with Paleolf to provide an accessible possibility to improve our nutrition, the products we offer have high concentrations of nutrients and balanced formulation, just what our body and spirit deserve.

It is interesting to reflect that to enter the natural wisdom, is to return to that remote spirit of the Paleolithic era, far from cataloging us as outmoded, we recognize ourselves within the beauty that Mother Nature has given us to heal and live longer.

Join our community and expand this healthy knowledge of Paleolf, we are more than a laboratory, we are a place to experience with simplicity, quality and honesty, the benefits of green living.

We are governed by a few rules:

We use ingredients of the best quality to guarantee the effectiveness of our products.

Less is more. We believe in simple, healthy products.

Tell the truth. We believe in a transparent and open dialogue with our community.