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50+ Balance - PMS Relief

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- 50+ Balance - PMS Relief

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50+ Balance is a natural vitamin supplement specially designed for women in the menopausal stages (including pre- and post-menopausal). Its formula combines essential vitamins with carefully selected plant extracts known for their benefits to balance and overall well-being during these phases of life.


  • General support during menopause and PMS.

  • Contributes to mood balance and emotional support.

  • Promotes physical and emotional well-being during menopause and PMS.

  • Natural solution for women, backed by scientific research and phytotherapy.

  • Formulated with a combination of vitamins and herbal extracts selected to achieve results.

  • Focus on bone and cardiovascular health.

  • Free of artificial ingredients.

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For pre and post menopausal women, it's recommended to take two (2) capsules once a day, preferably with a meal.

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Helps maintain general balance and reduces stress

50+ Balance is a natural product that helps balance functions altered during premenopause and postmenopause. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, it promotes women's physical and emotional well-being in these stages.

A great ally for maintaining bone and cardiovascular health

The combined action of the active ingredients in 50+ Balance supports bone and heart health, considering how important these areas are during and after menopause.

Relief of menopausal symptoms

50+ Balance can help mitigate the effects related to menopause, thanks to the presence of active ingredients such as Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) and Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), which has been used to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes. 

Relieves fatigue and helps maintain energy levels

By helping to maintain balance al well-being, the 50+ Balance formula improves energy and promotes overall vitality.

Immune system booster

The 50+ Balance formula combines essential vitamins with carefully selected herbal extracts that boost the immune action of the human body against the development of diseases.

Source of natural solutions

50+ Balance stands out as a supplement free of artificial ingredients, making it an alternative for those consumers who prefer natural solutions and avoid products with unnecessary additives.

Its formula has been developed by fusing modern science with the recognized benefits of herbal medicine.

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Gelatinized Maca Root Extract (Lepidium meyenii)

Gelatinized maca has been linked to potential benefits for general balance. 

This element has traditionally been used for centuries for various purposes, including its effects on general balance, improving mood, and physical and mental energy.

Similarly, when using maca, some women report improvements in symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and irregular periods.

Elderberry Fruit Extract (Vitex agnus-castus)

This herb has traditionally been used for various women's health issues, including symptoms associated with menopause. 

Dong Quai Root Extract (Angelica sinensis)

Also known as female ginseng, Dong Quai is an herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine for various women's health problems, including menopausal symptoms.

It is mainly due to its phytoestrogenic properties (which mimic estrogen activity), anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic effects, which promote blood circulation and regulate uterine function.

Black Cohosh Root Extract (Cimicifuga racemosa)

This root has traditionally been used as a remedy for various women's health problems and menopausal symptoms. 

Scientific studies have linked it to phytoestrogenic properties (mimicking the effects of estrogen), serotonin receptor modulation (linked to mood), anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory effects, and neurotransmitter regulation. 

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RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Two (2) capsules of 50+ Balance per day. 

HOW TO USE: One (1) daily intake, preferably after a meal. 

BEST BEFORE: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Frequent Asked Questionshide-btn

What is 50+ Balance?

50+ Balance is a natural vitamin supplement specially designed for women who are in the pre and post-menopausal stages. 

Its formula combines essential vitamins with carefully selected plant extracts, known for their benefits for balance and overall well-being during these phases of life.

Is 50+ Balance safe for consumption?

50+ Balance is a food supplement made from natural extracts and without added chemicals. This makes it entirely safe for human consumption.

On the other hand, the laboratories in which 50+ Balance is produced are certified by the FDA, and the raw material is certified both at origin and when it arrives in the United States.

There are only a few contraindications in certain cases (see contraindications).

What are the ingredients? What are the nutrition facts for 50+ Balance?

50+ Balance is a powerful formula containing Gelatinized Maca Root Extract (Lepidium meyenii), Elderberry Fruit Extract (Vitex agnus-castus), Dong Quai Root Extract (Angelica sinensis) and Black Cohosh Root Extract (Cimicifuga racemosa).

It has no additives; it is 100% natural.

What is the difference between consuming 50+ Balance versus other similar supplements?

50+ Balance stands out for its carefully selected organic ingredients to mitigate the effects during and after menopause, health and overall well-being. 

Our unique formula combines plant extracts and vitamins.


  • It works as support during menopause and PMS.
  • It contributes to mood balance and emotional support.
  • Promotes physical and emotional well-being during menopause and PMS.
  • A natural solution for women, backed by scientific research and phytotherapy.
  • Formulated with a combination of vitamins and herbal extracts selected to achieve results.
  • Focus on bone and cardiovascular health.
  • Free of artificial ingredients.
From what age is it recommended to consume 50+ Balance?

It would not be accurate to define a specific age for those women who can consume 50+ Balance. Instead, it is recommended for women in the PRE and POST menopause stages. 

When do you start seeing results?

Los resultados comienzan a notarse luego de las 2 o 3 semanas de consumo.

Where is 50+ Balance produced? Does it comply with FDA health protocols?

50+ Balance is made in certified laboratories in the United States. In addition, we have 22 warranty certifications on all our products.

Is it recommended to take rest intervals, or can it be consumed uninterrupted?

There is no need for rest intervals, 50+ Balance can be consumed uninterrupted.

Is the raw material of 50+ Balance certified?

The raw material we use is of certified quality in the country of origin, and at the time of entering the United States, it is subject to a certification control. 

If it does not pass the controls, the raw material is not allowed into our production chain (even if it comes with a certificate from its country of origin).

Why can't I find 50+ Balance at my local business?

50+ Balance is available at select stores in the United States (Florida) and directly from our HQ store in South Florida. 

However, in order to provide you with the best possible price for a superior quality product, we made the strategic decision to avoid the middleman and thus be able to sell directly to the public. 

That fact has brought significant savings to our customers.

Our intention was to make a truly premium product as affordable as possible and not be increased in price by intermediaries. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

We understand that there are cheaper (and even more expensive) products on the market, but we don't believe that they comply with all of these control and quality processes mentioned above, as we know the costs involved in every step.

How many times a day should I take 50+ Balance? How many servings does the packaging have?

The pack contains 60 capsules for 30 days.

Two (2) capsules in one (1) daily intake are the recommended dosage. Preferably after a meal.

How do you consume 50+ Balance? What does it taste like?

50+ Balance comes in capsules. It is recommended that you take two capsules, preferably after a meal.

It has no taste.

What are the contraindications?

People with allergies to one of the active ingredients should avoid consuming 50+ Balance.

Is it enough to just consume 50+ Balance?

No. 50+ Balance is a complement that accompanies a life in transition. For best results, you need to adjust your day-to-day habits. Healthy eating and physical activity provide great benefits to the process. We always recommend consulting with a specialist.

Does 50+ Balance contain gluten/soy/sugar/calories? Is it for vegans/vegetarians?

50+ Balance is:

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Organic, free of toxic residues from pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. No additives, preservatives or other chemicals.
  • It is a healthy product, free of gluten, soy and lactose.
  • It has no sugar.
  • It contains no calories.
Who was 50+ Balance designed for?

50+ Balance was designed for women who want to address the challenges of pre- and post-menopause comprehensively.

Does 50+ Balance have any kind of guarantee?

We are 100% confident in our product. But if you're not satisfied, we won't be satisfied, and we don't expect you to pay. 

That is our commitment and your guarantee. That's 100% Paleolife. You have 30 calendar days to make your return if you deem it convenient.


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) (Root) Gelatinized Extract: caution is advised in people with thyroid problems, as maca could affect thyroid function.

Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) (Fruit) Extract: it should be avoided in people who take endocrine-related medications.

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) (Root) Extract: It is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or people with blood clotting disorders.

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) (Root) Extract: it should be avoided in people with pre-existing liver diseases. Caution is advised in women with a history of breast cancer.

Possible side effects

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) (Root) Gelatinized Extract: maca is generally considered safe in moderate doses, but some people may experience gastrointestinal discomfort, insomnia, or changes in blood pressure. In high doses, it may cause nervousness.

Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) (Fruit) Extract is generally considered safe, but mild gastrointestinal discomfort may occur. Some people may experience dizziness or skin rashes.

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) (Root) Extract: it may increase sun sensitivity in some people. Some people may experience stomach upset or skin allergies.

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) (Root) Extract may cause stomach upset, headaches, and skin rashes. In rare cases, it has been associated with liver problems, although this is uncommon.

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