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Muscle Mass Kit

- Muscle Mass Kit

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(1) Collagen P18, (1) Maximum Savage, (1) Vitamin D3 5000IU + Coconut Oil

Nutritional kit necessary for the health, formation and conservation of the muscular tissue of the organism.

Collagen P18: perfect ally to increase muscle mass and lean mass. Each serving brings 9g of 100% pure protein. Research has shown that consuming collagen increases muscle growth and strength in people with age-related muscle loss.

Maximum Savage: A premium product focused on hormonal regulation. Its 100% organic and chemical-free ingredients have proven effective in improving muscle strength and endurance, as well as its development. You can recover your vitality, increase your energy and get a feeling of well-being naturally!

Vitamin D3 5000IU + Coconut Oil: Paleo Life's Vitamin D3 is the only one on the market that has been combined with coconut oil to improve its absorption. Adequate levels of the so-called “sunshine vitamin” contribute to healthy bones and joints. It has also been shown to be an essential nutrient for muscle health, mobility, and development. Indispensable ally if you want to increase your muscle mass.