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Magnesium Intracell

- Magnesium Intracell

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Magnesium Intracell is the perfect ally for the brain, deep rest, muscle recovery and relaxation. Extracted from the Swiss Alps, at contamination-free heights that guarantee its high purity. Unique with "intracellular factors" that improve results.


  • Promotes restful and deep sleep.

  • Helps relax muscles and improves athletic performance.

  • Helps cleanse the intestine and regulate its functioning.

  • High purity magnesium citrate, superior to more commercial forms of magnesium.

  • 500 mg of magnesium citrate extracted in the Swiss Alps, free of contamination, plus intracellular factors: taurine, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12.

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For people 18 years and older who want to improve sleep, sports performance and increase muscle strength. We recommend two (2) capsules per day with a glass of water after workouts or before bedtime.

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Perfect ally for people with sleep disorders or stressful situations that prevent them from resting properly.

Fights tiredness and chronic fatigue.

Better mood

Magnesium can help decrease stress and improve mood. 

Magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, has been associated with anxiety problems, depression, among others.

A good friend for your heart

Magnesium Intracell is an effective agent in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 

Boosted with taurine, it also helps reduce blood pressure and enhances the action of antihypertensives and other medications.

Better sports performance

Many take Magnesium Intracell to build muscle, with fascinating results in athletic performance. Magnesium improves the availability of glucose in the brain, muscles and blood. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, one of the reasons for muscle fatigue.

Improves digestion

Helps cleanse the intestine and regulate its functioning. It is much milder than other types of magnesium available on the market.

Relieves constipation and irregularity in bowel movements.

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Magnesium citrate

So far one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, it contains 500mg of magnesium citrate, the dose needed by the body to ensure a broad spectrum of action at brain, heart and muscle levels.

It is superior to commercial magnesium supplements, such as chloride or oxide.

And it is extracted directly from the Swiss Alps at more than 5,000 m.a.s.l., which guarantees its purity.

Intelligently combined with four intracellular cofactors.


Coupled with magnesium, taurine allows a greater benefit for the heart. 

A 2016 scientific study concluded that taurine and magnesium "may prolong life by preventing the progression of cardiovascular disease."

Vitamin B6

In specific proportions, this nutrient helps the body's cells absorb magnesium more easily and effectively. 

As a supplement, vitamin B16 is essential for metabolism and brain development.

Vitamin B12

Combined with magnesium, it collaborates powerfully to raise energy, reduce tiredness and fatigue. It also improves the strength and endurance of muscles.

Folic acid

It collaborates with magnesium in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases, such as coronary obstructive disease. 

Folic acid also collaborates with vitamin B12 and other nutrients for the synthesis of proteins and red blood cells.

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RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Two (2) capsules of Magnesium Intracell daily.

DIRECTIONS: Take the recommended dose with a glass of water. If you are looking to improve sleep, it should be taken before bed. To improve sports performance, it is recommended to take it after training.

PREFERRED CONSUMPTION: 3 years after the date of manufacture.

Frequent Asked Questionshide-btn

What is Magnesium Intracell?

Magnesium Intracell is a 100% natural food supplement based on high purity magnesium citrate. It is combined with four cofactors that enhance the effect of magnesium inside the cells: taurine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

The intelligent combination of magnesium citrate and intracellular cofactors enhances and broadens the spectrum of widely known benefits of magnesium:

● Improves heart health and prevents cardiovascular disease

● Promotes restful and deep sleep; improves energy and reduces tiredness and chronic fatigue

● Stimulates the digestive system and promotes intestinal health

● Helps decrease stress and improve mood

Is Magnesium Intracell safe for consumption?

Magnesium Intracell is perhaps the purest magnesium citrate on the market, as it is extracted directly from the Swiss Alps at high altitudes.

In addition to its unparalleled pure origin, it does not contain additives, chemicals or ingredients such as gluten, lactose and soy. All this makes it safe for human consumption.

On the other hand, the laboratories in which Magnesium Intracell is produced are FDA certified. The raw material is certified both at origin and when it arrives in the United States.

There are only some contraindications in certain cases (see section on contraindications).

What are the ingredients? What is the nutritional information for Magnesium Intracell?

Magnesium Intracell is a natural product based on 500 mg of magnesium citrate and four intracellular cofactors:  40 mg of Vitamin B6 (in the form of pyridoxine HCI), 1600 mcg of folate (in the form of folic acid), 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) and 400 mg of taurine.

It contains no calories.

What is the difference between taking Magnesium Intracell versus other magnesium supplements?

There are at least 10 formulations of magnesium on the market: chloride, sulfate, oxide, among others. Some of these products are found at ridiculous prices.

But the body does not absorb most of these magnesiums correctly,. aAnd the spectrum of impact is dubious at best.

The magnesium that enters the body must be pure, careful in each process, and with the premium formula that guarantees a wide spectrum of benefits.

When it comes to magnesium, our premium supplement Magnesium Intracell is simply the best.

How does Magnesium Intracell help my body and why is it considered a powerful ally for health?

Magnesium is considered to contribute to more than 300 enzymatic reactions throughout the body.

The premium formula of our highly pure magnesium citrate, combined with intracellular cofactors, guarantees this broad spectrum of action, with an impact at the level of the brain, heart and muscles.

Does Magnesium Intracell help me sleep better?

Our Magnesium Intracell acts at the brain level improving mood and helping to regulate stress and anxiety (disorders that have been associated with lack of deep sleep).

In turn, and more directly, Magnesium Intracell can stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin, functions involved in the quality of sleep, essential for falling asleep and sleeping continuously.

Does Magnesium Intracell help improve my cardiovascular health?

We have hundreds of testimonials from people who consume Magnesium Intracell under medical advice for their heart health. Magnesium prevents and helps treat heart disease, especially hypertension.

In addition, adequate magnesium levels are essential for the effectiveness of certain drugs.

Does Magnesium Intracell help me improve in my workouts?

Our Magnesium Intracell helps relax muscles and promotes muscle contraction.

It is, without a doubt, an ally for prolonged exercise, among other things, because it makes the consumption of energy (glucose) more effective towards the muscle and because it helps eliminate any accumulation of lactic acid, which translates into a faster recovery.

From what age is it recommended?

Its consumption is recommended from the age of 18.

When do you see the results?

The improvement with Magnesium Intracell is almost immediate. Testimonies reflect that after a few days a better intestinal transit and an unparalleled improvement in physical rest and sleep are observed.

Where is Magnesium Intracell produced? Does it comply with FDA health protocols?

Magnesium Intracell is manufactured in certified laboratories in the United States.

Additionally, we have 22 warranty certifications on all our products.

Are rest intervals recommended, or can it be consumed uninterruptedly?

No rest intervals are necessary, Magnesium Intracell can be consumed uninterruptedly.

Is the raw material of Magnesium Intracell certified?

The raw material we use is of certified quality in the country of origin (Switzerland).

Then, at the time of entering the United States, a certification control is performed. If it does not pass the controls, the raw material is not accepted in our production chain (even if it comes with a certificate from its country of origin).

Why can't I find Magnesium Intracell in local stores?

To provide the best possible price for a product of superior quality, we made the strategic decision to avoid the middleman and sell directly to the public.

Therefore, Magnesium Intracell is only available in select stores in the United States (Florida) and directly from our Paleolife store in South Florida and online store. That fact has brought significant savings to our customers.

Our intention is to ensure that a truly premium product is as affordable as possible and that its price is not increased by intermediaries. We understand that there are cheaper (and more expensive) products on the market, but we do not believe that they comply with all the control and quality processes that Paleolife rigorously carries out, since we know the costs involved in each step.

In addition, our supplements have been developed by expert formulators, leaders in their field. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.

How many times a day should I take Magnesium Intracell? How many servings does the package have?

Two (2) capsules should be taken daily.

Our bottle of Magnesium Intracell contains 60 capsules, ideal for a continuous supply of magnesium for 30 days.

How is Magnesium Intracell consumed? What does it taste like?

For a restful sleep, it is recommended to take two (2) capsules daily in the evening, shortly before bedtime.

To improve physical performance and strengthen muscles, two (2) capsules can be taken after workouts.

Magnesium Intracell has no flavor.

What are the contraindications?

You should stop taking Magnesium Intracell if you notice any of the following:

●  Stomach pain

●  Low blood pressure

●  Lethargy or confusion

●  Heart rhythm disturbances

● Impaired kidney function

Is it enough just to consume Magnesium Intracell to see results?

Magnesium Intracell is a supplement that accompanies a life in transition. For best results, it is necessary to adjust day-to-day habits. Healthy eating and consistent physical activity are essential.

Does Magnesium contain gluten/soy/sugar/calories? Is it for vegans/vegetarians?

Magnesium Intracell is highly pure and of mineral origin. Therefore, without soy, gluten, nuts, lactose and trans fats.

It has 0 calories and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Who was Magnesium Intracell designed for?

Magnesium Intracell covers a wide range of needs:

●  For people suffering from stress and anxiety

●  For those with chronic fatigue, constant tiredness or sleepiness

●  For those looking for better intestinal transit and digestive health

●  For people looking to improve their workouts

● For people at cardiovascular risk

Does Magnesium Intracell have any kind of warranty?

We are 100% sure of our product. But if you're not satisfied, we won't be satisfied and we don't expect you to pay.

That is our commitment and your guarantee. That's 100% Paleolife. You have 30 calendar days to make your return if you think it is necessary.


It should not be taken by people under 18.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Possible side effects

Stomach pain
Low blood pressure
Lethargy or confusion
Heart rhythm disturbances
Impaired kidney function

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